Plaid Everything – 2017 Fashion Trends

What do I think of the plaid trend? – it’s fantastic! I think it’s fun! But more importantly, I love it because I love classics without being boring, and that’s exactly what plaids offer!

Double the benefit to all of us, fashion lovers! As by getting something in plaid pattern this season, we will look fresh and on trend but without wasting our money! Because it will be quite an investment piece!  Plaid may not be as BIG next year, or year after that, but it will never really (or I should say ‘never completely’)  go out of fashion.

As you probably noticed from my previous posts, I like a bit of a twist, I like a pop of colour, but I don’t like to be loud.  Therefore, I wouldn’t be wearing head to toe plaid I don’t think. Although some plaid suits looked amazing on the latest runway shows. And if you could pull it off – great! If you’re like me however, I’d use it here and there, in one way or another – pant, skirt, jacket or perhaps even a mini coat (I’m a little too short to pull off a long coat).

If you are wearing a suit or a long coat, perhaps you can wear a plain one-tone blouse underneath, or a scarf, to break up the head to toe check or plaid.  Otherwise, I’d wear a plaid jacket with jeans or plain black pants or skirt.  If not black, then any monochrome colour, perhaps the colour that exists in your plaid pattern already, whether it’s tan, red, grey, navy, baby pink – as long as it’s complementary to one of the colours in the plaid.

I heard it before – “good taste is too boring!”  But to me, there is nothing worse than looking messy.  ‘Neat’ and ‘Elegant’ are my keywords when it comes to any outfit.  Nothing wrong with taking a risk with fashion choices but, like with business, make sure your risks are calculated.  Make people ‘wow’ for the right reasons.

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So even if you’re mixing patterns, for example, you can be quite clever.  You may have a large plaid pattern on your jacket, but very fine, small pattern on the shirt underneath. Or, if your plaid is super fine, make sure you shirt pattern is contrasting but colour is complementing. Like in this example here.

I actually bought a pair of plaid Calvin Klein pants at Macy’s in NYC a couple of years ago, which never been worn, thanks to the opportunity to work from home for the last couple of years. But I am off to work next week and oh how handy is to have that piece in my wardrobe! Speaking of investing in timeless pieces.

Enjoy the plaid season ladies!

xxx Maria

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Runway, houndstooth coat.

Red Dress Image

Jacket With Jeans


Bold Pant Suit – 2017 Fashion Trends

Worn with a white crisp shirt or just a bra, a la Heidi, a bold pant suit is the thing for 2017!  If you are brave about patterns, check, stripes, etc., great! But if you you’re more of a one-tone girl like me, just go for a bolder colour.  But you know what, even white and black will work and will keep you on top of the trend if you keep in with the shape.

Good news is, whether it’s skinny leg, wide leg or flared leg pant that looks most flattering on you, all those styles will work perfectly this season.  You can even wear jeans and pair it up with a jacket or a double breasted blazer. Trust me, you’ll feel like you just walked out of a magazine. Or the runway!

Slouchy blazer and wider softer pant will give you a stylish but effortless  look. You never want to look like you tried too hard anyway. And you’ll be comfy!

A jacket or blazer is a perfect tool to enhance an outfit. Wear it with jeans and a plain tee or a lightweight knit, and look casual and sophisticated at the same time.  Have a work meeting and want to look fashionable without being too loud? The black pant and a two tone jacket, like the one pictured above, is a great way to achieve that.

And don’t forget, a nice blazer is really an investment piece, especially if you go for white, cream or the good old black.

To add femininity and fun though, stay away from black or break it up with other colours. Create flow by wearing same colour head to toe.  It sure is flattering!

Until soon!



Image sources:

Cream & Black Gucci Suit

Heidi Klum Red Suit – Daily Mail UK

Massimo Dutti SS14 – Vogue MX

Miroslava Duma, Blue Suit